Our success and company history.


 TL7 GROUP an online shopping market found in October 2017 in Tanzania aiming at selling high quality products and services around the world from different companies, partners, distributors and being the best solution for all customs and traditional products from Africa especial Tanzania (from strong and famous tribes Maasai).
 Great achievement of having website because we started selling our products through social Medias like Whatsapp, Instagram and facebook from TL7 MASAI ART GALLERY.
 We design and dress men and women traditional (Maasai) for all purpose like wedding, graduation, red-carpet in any occasion and also promoting our internal tourism.


Impacting on young entrepreneur on e-commerce business and providing them with the world class training on sells and marketing online. Partnership from our distributors, sellers and customer will help us meet all the needs and requirement of our customers through innovation, training and support from TL7.CO.TZ


Being Innovative, Trusted, and Respected best online shopping market in the world.